With the entire dance music community watching, landing a spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs list – a roundup for some of the most influential nightclubs around the world – is a massive accomplishment for any venue. For Boomerang however, landing at #98 this year makes up for an even more impressive feat, taking into account that the club has been open officially for barely four months.
Located in downtown Hong Kong, Boomerang prides itself in hosting exclusive and luxurious events with some of the most acclaimed local DJs and performers, and is looking to start booking International DJs once borders fully reopen. The brainchild of Hong Kong female icon Deejaykarlie, and the “Asian Clubbing Dragon” John Rana, Boomerang has undoubtedly set its sights high for the coming years, aiming to become a staple of Hong Kong nightlife. With such valuable international acclaim already, there is no doubt that the sky’s the limit for the buzzing nightclub.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Hong Kong Nightclub Boomerang Is The First Club To Make DJ Mag’s Top 100 List In Shortest Time Frame Since Opening

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