Today would have been the dance music legend’s 32nd birthday.

On his 32nd birthday, Google Doodle is highlighting the life of superstar Swedish DJ and producer Avicii.

Google Doodle is a temporary change to the Google logo on their homepage, designed to highlight and celebrate icons in human and civil rights, authors, doctors, and musicians. Former Google Doodles have included Mariá Gever, Dr. Esther Park, and Les Paul.

The Doodle falls on World Suicide Prevention Week and pushes to highlight the impact Avicii had on society and music during his career. The special illustration of Avicii was drawn by Google Doodle artist Alyssa Winans, created an animated video accompanied by Avicii’s chart-topping hit “Wake Me Up.”

Google also published an intimate interview with Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling. After the DJ’s tragic suicide, Klas and his wife Anki launched the Tim Bergling Foundation to remove the stigma around mental health in younger generations. 

“The scale of mental health issues among young people is staggering,” Klas told Google. “Tim was always interested in psychology and spirituality, and we wanted to honor him by doing what we could to help others. That’s how we brought the Tim Bergling Foundation to life, with the goal of contributing to young people’s mental health, lowering the rate of suicide among young people as well as removing the stigma around it. It’s not something you can do on your own, you need to cooperate broadly, and that’s what we try to do.”

You can read the full interview here.

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