Your EDM discovered Dylan Tauber in 2017 with the release of his Sounds from Space and Dolphin Trance 2 albums. Though it was nearly four years ago when they were released, the two ambient/trance/IDM albums are nonetheless memorable for their expertly crafted sound design and esoteric vibes. Now the follow-up to Sounds from Space, Sounds from Space 2 serves to remind fans why Tauber’s work makes such a lasting impact.

The gaps in Tauber’s discography are technically justified by the quality of his musical output, but the fact that he’s also well known in the visual art, literature and travel worlds paint a bigger picture. A true renaissance artist, Tauber spent at least part of that four years releasing written works and exhibiting his photography. That said, it’s clear the 14-track Sounds from Space 2 was a time-consuming labor of love.

Rather than being a continuation of Sounds from Space, this album, released in July, could also be called More Sounds from Space. It picks up where the last album left off but doesn’t seek to duplicate the original. Largely beatless in contrast to the consistent beat maintained throughout the first Sounds from Space, this 2.0 is focused much more on sound design and the ambient space of each track. The music contained in said tracks also seems to be largely in major keys and generally more uplifting. Though tracks like “Ambience of India” and “Planet X” still have a hint of that eerie flavor that was so prevalent in the first Sounds of Space, Tauber seems to have abandoned the more low-vibe gothic tones for something a bit more transcendent.

Tauber has always been good about bridging the gap between experimental electronica and EDM, so the tracks that do have a beat could easily slide into any festival set in the world. “Heavenly” and “Lone Satellite” allow  brassy trap beats to carry the high pitched, cinematic synths and ambient work. “Indian Ocean” conjures esoteric, early 2000s trip hop vibes while “Deep” and “Piano Ambience” are basically progressive trance. There’s a bit of something for everyone on this album, from experimental to hip hop.

Dylan Tauber’s releases may sometimes be far between, but with the depth and complexity contained therein, they’re certainly not few. Each release is a full, cohesive album heavy on the sound design but light and fun to listen to. Sounds from Space 2 is no exception, and will likely draw in a new audience while Tauber continues to impress his current fans.

Sounds from Space 2 is out now and can be streamed on Spotify. Visit his YouTube page for more videos, including some of his photographic and cinematic work.


This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Review: Nearly Four Years Later, Dylan Tauber Releases Follow-Up to His Seminal ‘Sounds from Space’ LP [Video]

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