The nonprofit has also requested the music industry collectively holds abuse to a zero tolerance standard.

In light of recently published data and testimonials which continue to illuminate the pervasive sexual abuse occurring throughout the music industry, the UK-based Musicians’ Union (MU) is calling on their government to implement stronger workplace protections for industry professionals. 

A new internal MU poll conducted prior to the pandemic revealed that nearly half of all members (48%) report having experienced some form of sexual harassment at work. The numbers are backed by some heartbreaking anonymous testimonials, which detail patterns of abuse due to imbalanced power dynamics and a normalization of sexually explicit behaviors.

“It’s unacceptable that so many artists, musicians, employees, and freelancers have suffered abuse at work and that many have left the industry as a result,” said Deputy General Secretary of the MU, Naomi Pohl. “With more women stepping forward to share their experiences, it’s vital the industry adopts a zero-tolerance approach to ensure everyone in the creative arts is protected as they return to work.”

The MU explains it is essential that the industry adopt a zero tolerance policy towards harassment to effectively uphold the goals of the #MeToo movement. The organization additionally says the government’s intervention will help develop a proactive approach towards mitigating the risk of harassment occurring in the future. 

The MU is requesting fans, industry professionals, and musicians alike join the organization’s Supporter Programme to push the initiative.

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