Kaskade has unleashed “Haunt Me V.2,” a gorgeous rendition of the producer’s 2020 single “Haunt Me” with The Moth & The Flame.

There’s no other word to describe the production than haunting. Gritty synths and textures are added to the original, breathing new life into the beautiful, dark essence of “Haunt Me,” and making for an immersive listening experience overall.

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After confirming his headlining SoFi Stadium show, Kaskade wanted to beef up the production for the occasion, while also striving to do the original justice. In a series of tweets, Kaskade shares how the updated version of “Haunt Me” came to be.

I needed to find that balance of it being epic enough for a stadium but not take away from the song itself because it is so beautiful in its original form. I tried a few different approaches and was so happy when I found this lane for it, it’s such a nice balance. I’m so excited to have it come out.

Listen here!

Kaskade – Haunt Me V.2

Stream/download: https://kaskade.ffm.to/hauntmev2


Photo via Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

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