Lupa’s new wave sound is a welcome addition to mau5trap’s eclectic roster.

Nothing is bolder than coming fresh out of the gate with a new take on a storied genre. Lupa has done just that on her mau5trap debut “For the Ride.”

Diving in with a plethora of eerie ambient sounds, listeners will quickly find themselves surrounded by a hypnotic techno buildup. The broodiness of the track maintains throughout, with mesmeric vocal samples serving as a light in the darkness. “For the Ride” captures an old-school feel while simultaneously introducing contemporary elements, emphasizing Lupa’s skill set.

As Lupa’s first major release, the Bay Area product has tested her mettle and proven her production is ready for the spotlight. Keep your eyes on her as she’s just getting started. 

Check out “For the Ride” below and find the track on streaming platforms here.



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