The Glitch Mob have rearranged their catalog into a continuous mix, unearthing a new era of Revisions, out now.

Revisions is gripping from start to finish, offering an exciting new music experience through the artistic lens of The Glitch Mob. The 23-track collection features a nonstop mix of revisions and mashups of originals and remixes from the iconic trio.

The album includes reimagined cuts from The Glitch Mob’s acclaimed albums Drink the Sea, Love Death Immortality, See Without Eyes and beyond, blending elements of each into one streamlined creation.

“Fistful of Silence (Remix) x How Could This Be Wrong x Enter Formless,” “Our Demons (Remix) x Drive It Like You Stole It x Analog,” and “Fortune Days x We Can Make the World Stop” are just some of the titles at play.

The Glitch Mob share of the release:

Revisions is out now. enjoy the 88 minute continuous trip through our archives. Revisions is a hybrid of a DJ mix and an album into something more like a journey. enjoy the ride. we love you.

Listen here and enjoy!

The Glitch Mob – Revisions


This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: The Glitch Mob Present ‘Revisions’ Featuring Mashups of Their Finest Works [LISTEN]

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