Noer the Boy unleashes madness in the form of his latest single “Noid,” out now.

Known for his brutal, bass-ridden soundscapes, Noer the Boy thrives in the low end. His deep appreciations for “kinetic beats, industrial sounds, and the unrestricted freedom of computer creation” are on full display here, as the rich tones of “Noid” take hold.

The song opens up with eerie, gritty textures and anticipation, leading into the meat of the production with intricate, buzzing synths and clean bass attacks. Then it’s back for round two, as the distinct elements of “Noid” go off in unruly arrangements, each given ample room to breathe in the mix.

Described as a “composer wielding punishing distortion and avant-garde composition,” Portland-based Noer the Boy is one to look out for. “Noid” marks the lead single from the producer’s upcoming Writhing EP, which drops in full on September 17th.

Listen here and link up with Noer the Boy below!

Noer the Boy – Noid


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