Could an original Kaskade comic book be coming?

Kaskade shared an image of his and the Superman logo on Twitter yesterday, signaling a major collaborative project in the works between the famed DJ and legendary comic book company DC Comics. The DC Comics Twitter account also posted the cryptic image.

Neither Kaskade nor DC Comics have shared any concrete details beyond the perplexing post, but it has the feel of a landmark partnership in the works. And as National Comic Book Day looms on September 25th, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a curated comic book could soon come to fruition. He wouldn’t be the first electronic music star to venture into comic book territory after Don Diablo’s HEXAGON series last year.

Some fans speculated that the tweet could be hinting at DC Comics’ upcoming FanDome event slated for October 16th. The event will showcase never-before-seen footage from projects from DC Comics’ storied TV, films, games, and comics universe.

Considering Kaskade’s credits in films like Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Date Night, he could also be set to score a DC Comics title. Those were more than a decade ago, so an original soundtrack for one of DC Comics’ upcoming projects isn’t off the table.

In addition, Kaskade has formed major partnerships with Epic Games, contributing exclusive music for Rocket League and performing in Fortnite.

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