Following an impressive string of singles, New Zealand’s very own MICA has finally unveiled his brand new EP ‘The Night You Left’ in full, and the result undoubtedly surpasses all expectations. A vibrant and menacing sonic journey through intricate ambiances and massive drops, the 5-track project solidifies MICA as an up-and-comer to watch. Tracks like “Save You“ and “Don’t Look Down” masterfully showcase MICA’s knack for combining his distinct production style with talented vocalists, while “Help” and “Matter Of Thinking” are truly impressive instrumentals that encapsulate the project’s message in an emotional way. As MICA explains:
“This project for me is all about self-growth, it was written from a really dark and lonely place in my life. I was lost, scared, confused, and angry – This EP is me growing from those emotions and accepting my flaws. This EP encapsulates my new sound as MICA, it’s very different from any of my older music, yet still feels connected. I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into this project – This project is essentially my musical therapy session. Each song is a stage of my depression and how I dealt with it.”

Based in Wellington, MICA started producing music at the age of 15, and has managed to build an impressive discography over the past five years of being active, releasing music on labels such as Dim Mak, Ultra, Quality Goods Records and more. He has received support from heavyweights such as Alison Wonderland, Steve Aoki, Autograf, and QUIX, and is seemingly not stopping anytime soon.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: MICA Unveils Stunning New EP ‘The Night You Left’ Via Suit Of Bullets

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