The single sees long-time friends DJ Soda and Lost Chameleon uniting for their first original single.

Korean artists DJ Soda, Ahin of supergroup MOMOLAND, and Lost Chameleon have teamed up on “Okay!” an uplifting, party-starting anthem that combines energizing dance grooves with catchy K-pop influences.

DJ Soda returns with her first offering of 2021 and it’s her most polished, radio-ready hit in recent memory. DJ Soda spent much of last year finding success with heavier sonics including the melodic dubstep original “Shooting Star” and the innovative hard house original, “Obsession.”  

DJ Soda’s latest offering is a pivot on her brand of house with distinctly poppier flavors. Keeping the brisk 140BPM grooves, she swaps out the heavier sonics of yesteryear with piano-driven melodies and bubbly leads. 

The song features strong tone-setting verses from Ahin who sings of a state of infatuation where time and space seemingly blend together without a care. Lost Chameleon chimes in with the track’s third verse, extrapolating on these ideas of a relationship that is all-consuming. 

Lost Chameleon and DJ Soda have crossed paths frequently over the years, as the former has lent his production skillset to craft multiple 

Lost Chameleon has dropped several official remixes for DJ Soda over the years including fresh takes on “Holding Back” and “Butterfly.” Now, “Okay!” marks the first time the two artists are working together on an original release.

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