GRiZ’s Astro Hippie line will be available in three different strains: Mr. B OG, G Funk, and Tie-Dye Medusa.

A friend with weed is a friend indeed, and GRiZ is taking his best buds national with the launch of two premium cannabis lines.

Let’s be blunt: the strain of the pandemic is brutal for many. And if GRiZ’s last album somehow didn’t toke your breath away (sorry, can’t help these puns), his new custom weed will.

GRiZ has announced the sale of two brands: the THC-focused Astro Hippie and the CBD line Telescope. The former, an homage to DIY stoner culture that will soon debut in GRiZ’s home state of Michigan, is described as a potent series of flower strains designed for “experimenters” who want to blast off. Many believe weed is a love language, and Astro Hippie, GRiZ says, is a billet-doux to the cannabis culture he grew up in. It also functions as a phlegmatic middle finger to the faceless private equity brands emerging post-legalization.

Developed in collaboration with Michigan-based Pure Options, a renowned cannabis cultivator, Astro Hippie will be available in three different strains: Mr. B OG, G-Funk, and Tie-Dye Medusa.

The “Mr. B OG” strain of GRiZ’s new Astro Hippie cannabis line.

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The “G-Funk” strain of GRiZ’s new Astro Hippie cannabis line.

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The “Tie-Dye Medusa” strain of GRiZ’s new Astro Hippie cannabis line.

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Telescope, on the other hand, will be available nationwide. The line will feature a range of products aimed at wellness and pain relief, according to a press release issued to announce the launch.

Telescope’s CBD hemp flower will come in three flavors: a sativa-focused hybrid called “Astronaut Ice Cream,” an indica-dominant blend named “Milky Way,” and pre-rolled packs dubbed “Cosmic Candy.” The line will also offer CBD gummies developed with a recipe comprising hemp-derived Delta 9 THC. They’ll be available in “Pineapple Upside Down Cake” and “Sunset Sorbet,” with additional flavors added seasonally.

Packaging of GRiZ’s Astro Hippie cannabis line.

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You can find a list of retailers carrying Astro Hippie here. For more information on GRiZ’s new marijuana company, head over to its official website.

GRiZ recently penned an intimate op-ed for detailing his metaphysical journey to Rainbow Brain, his remarkable 7th studio album. You can read the piece here.



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