We’ve got another major collaboration on our hands: The Weeknd and Nas have teamed up with Belly for “Die For It,” and both men are featured in the music video, released on Friday (Aug. 27).

The visual opens with Belly drinking in his surroundings, which consists of an apocalyptic red sky, burning buildings, and abandoned streets littered with newspapers. The Weeknd opens the track for the hook, first only appearing on televisions scattered throughout the fallen city as if to document its downfall.

The song itself leans heavily into the concept of heaven and hell, as the video’s imagery suggests. On the first verse, Belly raps, “They killed Nip, will never fill the void/ I know the devil cried a tear of joy … I never tell, but you heard the stories/ I can never tell, is this heaven, hell or purgatory?” It’s a valid question, considering everything that’s occurred over the past year and a half.

Nas chimes in on verse two, appearing in the clock tower of a church while rapping about fighting to maintain his legacy. “Things I would die for, everything I built for 20 years/ Won’t allow you to make that crumble/ Put you in the ground, I would catch a case for Jungle,” he threatens.

“Die For It” comes from Belly’s sixth studio album, See You Next Wednesday, which also dropped Aug. 27, via XO Records/ Roc Nation.

Watch the video for “Die For It” below.

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