Set to a tropical Hawaiian getaway, this audiovisual is what dreams are made of.

Rising Canadian dance music producer Menna has returned with a stunning audiovisual to pair with “Fantasies,” his feel-good tropical house tune that was released earlier this year. 

Over the past few months, Menna’s sun-kissed track captivated listeners who have been stuck working from home, longing for a getaway—and its accompanying music video depicts just that. Since “Fantasies” evokes such a strong urge to escape to a tropical getaway, Menna hoped to conjure the utopian imagery inspired by the music itself. Tapping in fellow Canadian Luis Briceno to direct and bring the vision to life, Menna created his very first official music video.

Guiding viewers on a journey through the mesmerizing islands of Hawaii, “Fantasies” showcases a euphoric adventure between two strangers with irrefutable chemistry. Cruising along the lush landscapes of the island, hopping from cascading waterfalls to private beaches, the two live out a fairytale romance. 

You can stream “Fantasies” across streaming platforms here and watch the music video below.

The underlying message of the new video is that “if you can dream it, you can do it,” Menna explained in a statement. With his dreamy track, he also encourages a moment of reflection on “how therapeutic and vivid the imagination can be in the darkest of times.”

After releasing “Fantasies,” Menna followed up with his second release of this year, marking his fifth track to date. While he is only in his second year in the industry, Menna is already proving he’s capable of pouring his heart and soul into his music. With determination to make a global impact, he is only just getting started. 

Currently, Menna is working on a debut EP, which will be released either in the coming months or early next year. 



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