The news comes just one day after Flux Pavilion revealed that he has three albums on the way.

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of Flux Pavilion.

A week ago, we reported on the .wav producer’s announcement that he was creating an ambient album, and shared a preview of the sound. Days later he would tweet the album’s working title, Overworlds, and said it will release in the next year or two. While that in and of itself was exciting news, Flux then shared that the album is just one of three he’s planning on releasing in the near future.

Now, he’s dropped a surprise out of nowhere that has left fans shook to the core. Flux Pavilion revealed on Friday that he’s joined forces with Emmy-nominated comedian and actor Hannibal Buress for a collaborative track.

“As of today, a Flux X @hannibalburess track exists in the universe” he tweeted, sharing a photo of the duo in a studio. “And it’s rad.”

This may come as a surprise to those only familiar with Burress’ comedic work, but the self-proclaimed “38 year old up and coming rapper” has a long history with the music industry. He oftentimes shares his works-in-progress, favorite artists, and albums with fans, and recently released a pair of tracks on Audius.

Interestingly enough, this collaboration was spawned just days after Buress tweeted out that he’s looking for collaborators in London.



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