Black Coffee believes virtual concerts, like the ones that will be held in Sensorium Galaxy, are part of the future of entertainment.

Since joining Sensorium Galaxy‘s star-studded lineup of DJs in late 2020, iconic South African electronic music artist Black Coffee has been getting acclimated to the future of virtual concerts. 

In a new behind-the-scenes cut, we take the journey with Black Coffee as he becomes immortalized in the mind-bending metaverse of Sensorium Galaxy’s PRISM world in virtual reality.

As we’ve seen with the rest of Sensorium’s talent roster, which includes Eric PrydzDavid Guetta, Carl Cox, and more, Black Coffee traveled to Moscow, where the team performed a complete 360° scan of the producer’s image. The comprehensive process utilizes motion capture technology to map each the precise movement patterns of each artist, including their facial expressions.

The “Drive” producer went on to share high praise of the platform, articulating that he never thought such advanced technology would arrive in the DJ world. “When this opportunity came I could not say no,” Black Coffee said. “I wanted to understand, to learn, and be a part of the future.”

Black Coffee additionally touched on an intriguing subject that has become a subject of debate: the role of virtual concerts in a post-pandemic world. While some are quick to write off virtual shows as a vestige of the COVID-19 epoch, others believe it is the future of entertainment. 

Speaking about his experience with Sensorium, Black Coffee said that the VR technology the company is using has the ability to make its users feel like they are enveloped “in the moment” at a virtual club. He suggests that the proliferation of these advanced technologies will cement virtual concerts as the future of entertainment because they are an improvement upon our existing methods of music consumption. 



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