LUZI TUDOR is a name we haven’t heard until now, but she makes her presence known with “Warrior,” a new release on Lane 8’s This Never Happened.

The Romanian melodic house and techno DJ/producer, based in LA, makes waves of her own with this striking label debut. The steady nature of “Warrior” takes hold with remarkably clean sound design and fleeting orchestral moments, ultimately giving into a late night groove with woozy synths and buzzing energy.

Per the artist’s press release, LUZI TUDOR’s journey into music started at an early age where she found solace in the night life and rave scene as a refugee from a torn country that encouraged a wildly creative imagination, resilience and hard work ethic.

Listen here and link up with LUZI TUDOR below!

LUZI TUDOR – Warrior


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: LUZI TUDOR Shares Her Melodic Craft with “Warrior” via Lane 8’s This Never Happened [LISTEN]

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