If you’re looking for Amrit, start with an island. The Singapore-born, Australia-raised DJ, model, influencer, and jazz aficionado has worked her way onto some of the biggest stages in the world with her signature mix of driving techno and downbeat R&B. But Amrit is happiest with the sun shining above her and the waves crashing beneath her. She may have a decade of rough NYC winters under her belt, but Amrit a summer woman through and through.

That’s also why she’s is partnering with Aperol to bring a dose of summer to viewers across the world. Amrit is hosting a live happy hour on Billboard’s Facebook page live at 6pm ET Friday, August 20 where she’ll be mixing tracks and moonlighting as your resident mixologist. She’ll also walk viewers through a step-by-step tutorial to make a classic Aperol Spritz, her summer drink of choice. You can order Aperol with one-hour delivery via Drizly here.

And that’s not all, Amrit also created a summer playlist that threaded with summer sunshine, ranging from global funk to electropop to hazy house beats. Amrit spoke with  Billboard about her favorite summertime activities and her favorite sun soaked memories.  Read the Q+A and listen to the playlist below, and tune in on Facebook to catch her mixing tracks — and drinks.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? 

Definitely be by a beach with great company and great music. I love enjoying a great meal outside and a great drink and the smell of the ocean, that’s my favorite thing.

Do you remember a summer that stands out? 

I’d say the summer of 2019 because that was my first worldwide tour where we did Europe and Asia, and it was great to be able to experience different summers all over the world and see how they do it.

When you’re DJing in the summer, what’s one song that always gets the crowd going? 

My personal favorite song to play at all times but especially in summer because people always have a better time in the summer is “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls because you can mix that into any set. The song of this summer is “Essence” by WizKid and Tems.

What’s your dream summer vacation? 

Capri or Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. I love islands.

Tell us about the playlist you made. What are the standout songs? 

I had so much fun making this playlist because these are all my favorite songs. “Bunny is a Rider” by Caroline Polachek, that song is amazing and so catchy. I can’t even play it anymore because when I play it, I sing it all day. So that song is definitely my personal song of the summer. “No Soy Para Ti” by María Isabel is more of a ballad but it’s great. And then “Passion” by Pink Pantheress. Those are my favorites.

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