Artists on the blockchain-based streaming platform can now integrate songs directly to TikTok sounds.

Audius just picked up a massive competitive edge.

The blockchain-based streaming platform just announced that they have reached a partnership with TikTok and are currently the sole partner powering the short-form video platform’s “TikTok Sounds” library. 

It’s no secret that any artist releasing music today wants to be on TikTok. From Lil Nas X to Olivia Rodrigo, TikTok’s potential for breaking artists into mainstream consciousness is undeniable. As CoinDesk notes, a survey from TikTok showed that the majority of its U.S. users (75%), discover new music and artists by using the platform.

However, in order for artists to have music distributed to TikTok, they previously needed to have the right distribution partner. But those days are changing.

Artists on the blockchain-based streaming platform Audius can now integrate their music directly to TikTok sounds.


With the new partnership in place, Audius users can now integrate their music from Audius directly into the TikTok Sounds library themselves. 

A new statement from Disclosure‘s Guy Lawrence outlines the dynamic perfectly. “A very big step forward with this new feature,” said Lawrence. “Having the ability to share my uploads straight from Audius to TikTok is a real time saver.”

It’s likely this direct TikTok integration feature will be made available on other streaming platforms over time, but for the moment, Audius is among a limited number of initial launch partners. It’s a huge boon for the platform, which recently surpassed a critical milestone of 5 million monthly active users.

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