A brief look inside the technicolor mind of the one and only GRiZ.

The world has been a little brighter since GRiZ unveiled his seventh studio album, Rainbow Brain

Along with the stunning 23-track collection, the beloved artist released an immersive performance video that clocks in at almost an hour long. Rainbow The Movie is a polychromatic explosion of color and feel-good energy that showcases GRiZ in all his funky glory, alongside collaborators ProbCause, Chrishira Perrier, Big Gigantic, Cherub, and Jantsen.

He’s now unveiled a mini-doc containing behind-the-scenes footage, detailing the collective vision and hard work that went into bringing GRiZ’s technicolor vision to life. The project’s Production Designer, Kyle Kegan, and Lighting Director, Ian Davis, transformed a blank studio into another world. 

“I want to live myself in the space of creative expression,” GRiZ said, adding that the ambitious audiovisual endeavor is “something really close to my heart that gives my life purpose.” Check out the video below.


Facebook: facebook.com/mynameisGRiZ
Twitter: twitter.com/Griz
Instagram: instagram.com/griz
Spotify: spoti.fi/3hEXfjz

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