“No more awkward meet-ups in dimly-lit Starbucks parking lots with strangers from Craigslist.”

With the goal of providing festival-goers a secure platform to buy and sell passes, FestFriends has launched a new virtual marketplace.

FestFriends has been in the works for over two years, according to a press release issued to announce the brand’s new mobile app. Navigating the devastating impact of COVID-19, which forced countless music festivals across the world to shutter, the team behind FestFriends aims to provide a seamless way for fans to maneuver in a post-pandemic live music landscape. 

The brand’s new iOS app, available now on the App Store, offers a secure ticket marketplace for music fans to conveniently purchase and sell passes to the world’s most popular festivals, such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, EDC, and Ultra, among many others.

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According to FestFriends, the platform “operates similarly to the stock market.” Buyers place “bids” and sellers place “asks” by setting a price they’re willing to pay or accept for any given ticket. When a price and ask align at the same price point, the app automatically matches the buyer and seller to facilitate a sale.

FestFriends’ value proposition lies in its authentication and price transparency, among other principles.

The company acts as an intermediary to authenticate every transaction and verify the tickets exchanged on their platform. After the transaction is completed the seller sends the physical wristband or pass to FestFriends to confirm its legitimacy, after which the company directs the ticket to the buyer and releases the funds to its previous owner.

All transactions are confidential and completely anonymous, a feature which FestFriends hopes to give patrons peace of mind. “No more awkward meet-ups in dimly-lit Starbucks parking lots with strangers from Craigslist,” reads their official website.

For more information on FestFriends, visit their website.


Twitter: twitter.com/FestFriends_App
Instagram: instagram.com/festfriends.app

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