With over 50,000 hours of content uploaded to Spotify every day, the streaming service is making it easier for users to stay up to date with new releases from their favorite creators.

Announced Monday (July 26), What’s New is a new personalized feed that will be added to the platform globally in the coming weeks. It can be found by clicking on a new bell-shaped icon that will be added to the top of the Home tab, which will be updated in real time with new releases from the artists and podcasts users follow on Spotify. When a new track or episode is released, a blue dot will appear on the bell-shaped icon to alert them the next time they sign on. The feed will additionally allow users to conduct more targeted searches by including filters that let them sort for new music releases or new podcast and show episodes.

To add content to their What’s New feeds, Spotify users can simply tap “Follow” on any artist or podcast page to have their releases included in their feed going forward.

More information on What’s New can be found at Spotify’s “For the Record” blog.

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