A few months after releasing “Just Gotta Know,” Kowshik Saha has returned with an electronic version.

Following up on his soulful R&B original, singer-songwriter Kowshik Saha has returned with an invigorating dance-pop remix of “Just Gotta Know.” 

With a rich cultural background as an Indo-Bangladeshi, Saha is best known for his ability to create multilingual music. While his primary focus is on producing pop, Saha explores many electronic sub-genres, blending elements of electro- and synth-pop, among other styles.

After experiencing success with the original version over the past few months, Saha decided to release a dance-pop version for the summer. His fresh take on “Just Gotta Know” offers a minimalist dance-forward arrangement, textured with organic instrumentation such as cowbells. By swapping out the soft melody of its predecessor, Saha infused the rework with hypnotic vocal cuts.

In a press release, Saha explained how he wrote this song during the pandemic, but it became a “lengthy project due to many setbacks.” While it may have taken longer than anticipated, his pensive song serves as a reminder to always check in on your friends since “difficult times will always be around.”

With his “Just Gotta Know” remix, Saha invites listeners to let loose and experience some release after all of the hardships from the past year. You can find his latest offering on your preferred streaming platforms here


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