BRB, going to this LEGO rave with Gorgon City.

After over a year devoid live shows, people have become quite creative when it comes to experiencing their favorite artists’ music. One fan went so far as to construct an entire rave out of LEGOs—headlined by Gorgon City.  

The duo gave a shoutout to the rave’s designer, Tyler Laabs, on their socials yesterday. The art piece features everything from strobe lights, costumed ravers, totems, and even vendors. He even included a guy on the verge of vomiting in a trashcan.

Laabs also took it one step further by propping his phone, transforming it into a video screen to showcase Gorgon City’s most recent album, Olympia

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“Gorgon City has been my favorite since getting into house music. Although I wanted to have this build done in time for the release of their new album Olympia, good things do take time and I had to get the details just right,” Laabs wrote in an Instagram post. “From the water station, food stand, giant purple mushroom for decoration, and especially all the people in the crowd, hopefully there’s a few little touches in here that make everyone smile! I even added a detachable mount to the back end so I can use my phone as a video screen!!”

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