Poignant lyricism collides with soaring production in this stunning collaboration.

KDrew and Kayrae have joined forces for “Enough,” a heart-wrenching future bass banger with the intensity to send chills down the collective spine of the EDM community.

Kayrae’s aching topline explores the strength it takes to grapple with inner demons—a feeling we can all relate to as we dust off the cobwebs of a year in isolation. The LA-based singer-songwriter’s airy vocals float atop stentorian electronic production courtesy of KDrew, whose sound design chops are as strong as ever in “Enough.”

The tender nature of the song’s lyricism, which cuts deeps with poignant lines like “I just want to self-medicate,” are buoyed by incredibly uplifting production. It’s a dichotomy between melancholy and mirth that eludes even the most polished artists.

The emotive backbone of the track is underpinned by its stunning artwork, which was developed by ace visual artist and 3D concept designer Fei Hu, also known as Emptism. Take a look below.

Artwork for KDrew and Kayrae’s new song “Enough.”

The drops of “Enough” double as a masterclass in sonic layering, as KDrew coalesces distorted chords, pitched vocal chops, and soaring leads with the precision of a surgeon. An expert when it comes to producing in-between the bars, KDrew flexes acutely nuanced techniques here, like when he automates and arpeggiates reverb to create movement in the mix.

Following a brief moment of tension in the first break, the rhythm picks right back up with organic percussion elements. After a breathtaking bridge and another forceful drop, Kayrae brings it all home in the arrangement’s spacey conclusion, where her adlibs fade into a lo-fi inspired coda with the warm fuzz of a tape deck.

You can listen to the stunning “Enough” below.


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