Goulding’s fifth album will sound like “a dance thing from outer space.”

The Ellie Goulding of yesteryear is coming back.

The beloved singer-songwriter has announced that a fifth album is in the works and that fans should expect to dance. In a recent interview with The Joe Wicks Podcast, Goulding revealed she’s ready to return to her electronic music roots after a period of introspective reflection.

“I spent a lot of time by myself, quite introspective. I had a backlog of things I wanted to write about,” Goulding explained. “It was quite deep and emotional. And this album is the opposite of that. I found this dream team of writers, who just for some reason, without even having to talk about it, were all on the same page. Together we’re on this mission just to have fun. We just want to make music for people to dance to and forget about everything in the past year.”

Goulding has long been a key figure in the EDM ecosystem thanks in part to features on timeless dance anthems like Seven Lions‘ “Don’t Leave,” Calvin Harris‘ “I Need Your Love,” and Skrillex‘s “Summit.” Her return to a more dance-friendly sound could have been triggered by her recent hit “New Love,” a massive collab with Mark Ronson and Diplo‘s Silk City.

Goulding also admitted that her Brightest Blue LP wasn’t quite up to her standards due to the transformative nature of her life at that time. She was pregnant at with her first child Arthur, who was born this past April, and was undergoing some major life changes.

“I felt like I was in a place where the songs were not reaching, they weren’t strong enough in my opinion,” she revealed to Wicks. “So I waited until I was properly ready and emotionally equipped. I also had technical stuff, like a change of management, I moved back to London and I got married. So lots of things happened in that time and it’s only really now that I feel like I’m completely ready to embrace that life again.”

Goulding is yet to announce a release date for her forthcoming fifth studio album, which she described as “a dance thing from outer space.”


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