India Jordan, who shared the list on Twitter, issued a call to action to bookmark and share the list in support of the artists.

In honor of this year’s Non-Binary Awareness Week, an aggregated database of the industry’s artists and creatives who identify as non-binary has been launched. 

The annual event has historically marked an important period for organizing around the issues of non-binary advocacy. This year artists are taking an important collective step towards ensuring equitable representation for non-binary creatives in the music industry.

Developed by DJ Soyboi, the new database seeks to share the names, creative disciplines, discographies, and portfolios of non-binary creatives within the industry at large. The concept was shared by fellow artist India Jordan on Twitter. 

The database currently contains over 200 entries and spans several disciplines with non-binary DJs, producers, dancers, and lighting technicians all represented. The idea received high praise on social media and was widely hailed as a vital step towards creating more inclusive environments for non-binary industry professionals. 

In sharing the list, Jordan also issued a call to action for industry professionals to bookmark and share the document on behalf of the artists.

This year, International Non-Binary People’s Day was celebrated on Wednesday, July 14th.

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