Since adopting his new bass moniker early this year, Sovryn FKA Barely Royal has kept pace with the punishing D&B releases that have typified 2021 thus far. His Static Vision EP was a breakout success and since then he’s become a Korsakov Music darling, releasing another EP with label boss AL/SO remixing High Maintenance’s “Hypersonic.” With that rate of release, it was only a matter of time before Sovryn had another EP ready to go. That time is now.

The three- track Weekend EP drops today, conveniently on a Friday  and once again showcases Sovryn’s unique production style. Coming from bass house, there seems to be a way Sovryn stacks up his sound design and synth lines that seems almost counterintuitive to most D&B; it’s difficult to describe, but it’s also difficult to deny in this EP. The title track featuring MC RightMind, for examples seems to swing a very conscious eye on the vox and the bass synths, charging them with more electricity than the standard D&B voltage. That’s not to say the beat’s forgotten, however, as Sovryn takes influence from old school darkstep, with lots of wind-downs and pitch-outs to make its presence known.

“Sensation” has even more throwback vibes, again with a cheeky focus on rave that makes the track both nostalgic and new. The rave samples are rife in this track, with vox from the classic “Good Vibrations” early rave synths and a heavy, throwback bass synth. If these tracks are Sovryn’s interpretation of the weekend, we are here for it.

YEDM’s premiere corresponding with the Weekend drop is the most punishing bass track on the EP, the aptly named “Punishment.” A near atmospheric, melodic intro quickly devolves into neuro-tinged bass synth that comprises the main melody, with what is ostensibly a jump up beat in carrying it. Glitched out to filth, “Punishment” really nails home Sovryn’s diverse tastes and production abilities.

It’s unclear whether Sovryn will eventually land on a particular style or subgenre with his work, but he really doesn’t need to as his sort of back-to-front production and focus on melodics is already so recognizable. He’s got a label that supports his diverse tastes and clean production no matter what style he tries, so our best advice is to crank up these tunes and get ready for the Weekend.

Weekend drops on Korsakov music this Friday, July 16. Pre-order now on Beatport.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Sovryn Adds Some Cheeky Bass ‘Punishment’ to the ‘Weekend’ [Korsakov Music]

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