“Can’t Stop Me,” summarizes the attitude that has gotten Thomas Xavier where he’s at today. Just a couple months in to what is staged to be a fruitful alias and the man has simply be killing the game. There’s several parts worth sharing of this artist, the first and foremost of which is the music. Xavier’s take on G-house is squarely a meaningful contribution to the genre, which needs to be said. The sound of this style is supposed to fill you with a certain vigor that other genres just can’t quite do, the Milwaukee solo DJ/producer nails this sentiment exactly while putting a colorful inclusion which is clearly becoming characteristic of him and him only.

“You can’t stop me now, I won’t run no more,” expands the the warm-and-wild feel with a classic house edge. The juicy bass puts the track on cruise-control and has you mentally observing the aspects that make this track feel so good. Drum-work adds yet another layer of persona as it becomes hard not to nod along.

Thomas Xavier is signed to two labels so far: iamrecords and User Friendly, and has released 4 tracks across 2 EP’s – the 2nd of which isn’t fully out yet. His streaming side shows off over 100,000 streams on his music and his touring schedule is ticking right up. Between the all the aspects that could be going right in one’s career, Thomas Xavier is scoring big for all the right reasons.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Thomas Xavier Brings the Heat on ‘Can’t Stop Me’

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