Budi Voogt, CEO of San Holo’s bitbird imprint, launched MusicCareers after identifying a need to mitigate jobseeker confusion in a mercurial music industry landscape.

As the music industry continues to find its footing in the wake of the devastating economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new resource has launched with the goal of aiding both employers and jobseekers in identifying new opportunities. 

Entrepreneurs Budi Voogt and David Sikorski recently unveiled MusicCareers, a music industry-specific job board platform dedicated to finding work for jobseekers.

Last year saw a bifurcation of the music business unlike any other period in history. According to the BBC, live music revenues fell around 85% in 2020. However, commercial music sales continued to grow substantially due to the tailwinds of an 18.5% increase in streaming subscription revenue in 2020.

The result of such stark market shifts has left many workers feeling unfamiliar with the vastly more remote and freelance-based workforce—and how to navigate it.

MusicCareers was developed to help the music industry connect with professionals who were left out of work due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That sentiment fueled Voogt’s drive to mitigate market confusion. Voogt, who is the CEO of San Holo’s venerated bitbird imprint, is aiming to cover a broad subset of niche positions in the music industry.

“The idea for MusicCareers spawned from the realization that our industry needs a job site that is intuitive, modern, and globally oriented—respecting all the industry’s nuances,” Voogt said in a statement. “In our businesses, we’ve used a variety of solutions and I’ve become convinced that the matching of talents with employers can be simpler and more fun. We want to change that.”

The site’s categories are broad and cast a wide net in terms of music industry competencies, including those for which work is typically filled informally, such as touring and music recording. Freelance and internship opportunities are free to publish on the platform, while custom plans are available for business partners.

“Having worked as a freelance creative in the music industry, I know all too well the struggles of scrolling through countless job boards trying to find music-related opportunities,” added Sikorski, the platform’s General Manager. “I became involved in MusicCareers as a way to help connect music industry colleagues with jobs that actually cater to their specific interests, talents, and experience.”

Find out more about MusicCareers here.

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