Soon the game will feature a slew of forthcoming “Chemical” remixes as its soundtrack.

MK‘s recent dance-pop single “Chemical” is the focal point of a new online game, Chemical Chase.

The song’s bubbly harmonies found an unlikely mouthpiece in the official music video, which features a rugged, anthropomorphic Boxer singing along to every word and ear-flapping to the beat.

The surreal face of the track has now made his reprise in Chemical Chase, a game in which players must strive to navigate the dog through a neon-washed cityscape.

The game play is extremely similar to Flappy Bird, which many will recall was a game that suddenly vanished from the App Store and Google Play store near the height of its release in 2014. At the time, the game’s creator Dong Nguyen said he felt uneasy with his observations as to how addictive the game had become for some players.

All of this is to say if you need a daily dose of nostalgia, Chemical Chase has it covered—just don’t be surprised when you find yourself chasing a top spot on the scoreboard. The high score is currently 97 points, by the way.

As forthcoming remixes drop, Chemical Chase‘s in game soundtrack will shift. That all starts with LP Giobbi‘s rework of “Chemical” arriving on July 16th. That will be followed by MK’s own remix on July 23rd before another from Nic Fanciulli on July 30th.

Play Chemical Chase here.



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