Billie Eilish had her mom and team worried sick on the set of her terrifying new “NDA” music video.

On Friday (July 9), the 19-year-old daredevil released her dark new single with an accompanying self-directed visual in which 25 professional stunt drivers skillfully weave around her on a pitch-black road in the dead of night. The experience left Eilish’s mother and professional crew terrified, as evidenced by some behind-the-scenes footage the singer shared on Instagram.

In one clip, the singer’s mom, Maggie Baird, is seen giving a worried gasp as she watches her daughter fall to the ground while racing cars whiz past her. In another photo, Eilish shows off her bruised knees as a result of the falls.

“hope u liked it (also pls enjoy the fifth slide of my mom and team losing their minds being scaredy),” Eilish captioned the gallery.

“NDA” is the fifth release ahead of Eilish’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, which is scheduled for release on July 30 through Darkroom/Interscope Records.

Leading up to its release, she teased the song and video on Instagram, writing, “THIS VIDEO WAS SO CRAZY TO SHOOOOOT.” The visual was shot in one take and features no stunt doubles or car VFX, according to a press release.

Check out the behind-the-footage of Eilish’s “NDA” video below.

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