The Duchess of Cambridge won’t be headlining EDC Vegas anytime soon.

After Kate Middleton was spotted attempting to DJ, it’s clear that the Duchess of Cambridge won’t be headlining EDC Vegas anytime soon.

Middleton tried to craft an electronic beat live during a recent visit to Heavy Sound, an organization that provides a safe space for kids to engage in creative arts in partnership with the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, a public health organization tackling violence in Scotland. Many clips circulating on social media show her playing around on an audio control panel, on which she tries to program a bassline with a drum loop.

The videos are short, but five seconds is all you need to realize the Duchess won’t be producing festival bangers. Prince William realized this immediately, quipping, “Please turn that off, it’s hurting my ears.”

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time the Duchess has tried her hand at dance music. Back in 2014 she and William took the decks at a music school in Elizabeth, where they learned how to scratch records, according to Marie Claire.

However, she hasn’t come very far, laughing off her lack of skills and urging Heavy Sound to get rid of the beat. “Sorry for leaving such a terrible song,” she said. “Delete it, delete it, delete it.”

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